Clinical Trials
Trial: DELIVER trial (Lundbeck)
Participating centers: UZ Brussel, Virga Jesse (Hasselt), UZ Gent (Gent), AZ St Jan (Brugge), UZ Antwerpen (Antwerpen)
Target population: episodic or chronic migraine patients with previous inadequate response to prior preventive treatments.
Intervention: monoclonal antibody against CGRP injection intravenously once per 12 weeks versus placebo, total study duration = 24 weeks, open-label treatment extension period = 48 weeks.
Contact principal investigator: Prof. Dr J Versijpt (02 4763739), Dr A Van Dycke (Brugge), Dr N De Klippel (Hasselt), Prof Dr Koen Paemeleire (Gent) or Prof Dr Cras (Antwerpen)
content updated:14/01/2021